A workshop for students by Kingston University, hackathon consists of two stages – one where you work entrepreneurs and help them with their business, and two where you were given a topic and had to identify the business opportunity and come up with a business idea. For the first stage, there were several business owners who faced challenges. We had to team-up with one of the owners and help them tackle their problems. To start with it, it was important to know more about the business and the problem. We had to interview the owner to dig in and get the insights with would better help us come up with solution.

This was a group project and the business my team worked with was about helping their customers to plan their retirement by educating them about different ways of managing their money. The problem here was to reach out to potential customers without using any marketing tools. After gaining insights from the owner, we suggested that the company could educate children aged from 10 to 18 about money management and how the company can help. We also thought of providing these children with items with company’s QR code on it. By this our aim was that the children could share it with their parents and with the help of the QR code, potential customers (parents) would research and reach out to the company. The owner was quite impressed ad satisfied by our solution.

For the second stage, we identified the problem in connection between Kingston university students and Kingston town council, the council wanted to provide platforms to start-ups, but due to the lack of connectivity they could never achieve this. To build this bridge we thought of developing an app which would connect students from all the four campuses of the university and with the localites. For this stage, we had to present our ideas in front of the judges and other students.

I personally enjoyed the first stage of the workshop as t was highly interesting to work with an actual business and solve problems. Apart from this, the best factor about this workshop was networking. Not just business owners, I also made new connections with other students. We also got a chance to meet the Mayor of Kingston Upon Thames. All in all, it was a great experience.

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