Dragon’s Den (Part 2)

After the mock dragon’s den which was held in December 2018, based on the feedback from the judges we had to make a lot of changes in our product and business pitch. Yes, this was quite a pressure as we had to start from scratch. Going through our business model, we had to re-consider our target customers and increase our research work. By the final Dragon’s Den competition, we were all ready with the best product and pitch.

For the finals, we had to create a presentation to pitch in front of the judges and a business report highlighting our product, company’s aim and financials reports. As we were known for creativity, our product, report and presentation design were appreciated by all. Because of all the hard work by my team, we were one of the winners of the competition. Apart from winning, we also learned a lot.

During the preparation for the finals, first thing I learned was time-management and to be organised as we had to be on schedule to avoid workload. Also for the business report, my part was to work on the financial records. This was very much needed for me as I had never handled accounts before, even during my entrepreneurial journey, and lacked knowledge for the same. I had to look after the profit and loos statement, obtain cash flow forecast and maintain balance sheet. This was another great experience as I learned something new and now I am confident in maintaining managerial accounts. Apart from this, after presenting in front of an audience multiple times, I was more confident during the final Dragon’s Den and believe that I now have the confidence to pitch in front of actual Dragons.

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