Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas, an initiative by Kingston University’s Enterprise department, is a competition which gives you a platform to pitch in your business ideas. The main aim of this competition is to encourage young entrepreneurs and guide them with their business idea.

My team also participated in this competition and our hard work paid off as we were one of the finalists. It all started in October 2018 when we were just in our initial stage. After a lot of brainstorming, we came with a business opportunity and carried it forward with the research work to know more about the industry, market and customers. The process was not easy, based on our research and feedback, we had to change or modify our product.


Bright Ideas’ weekend sprint workshop, which was held in mid-January, helped us in developing business plan and model, and we also had to pitch in front of the judges and audience at the end of it. This two days’ workshop brought with it a lot of work, but we were successful in achieving a great business plan and model as well as receiving valuable feedback. The additional advantage was that all the participants were a part of this workshop so we could evaluate our strengths and weaknesses compared to others, and work towards it for best results. These few months of hard work was fruitful and we were soon in top fifty which was very exciting, but also nerve breaking.

imgHowever, winning was never our aim. We were hungry for more knowledge and eager to learn something new. This competition was a great learning opportunity as we not only evolved as a person, but also realised the importance of team work. This experience has definitely taught me a lot, and I could also fight my fear and present in front of many.  A very big thank you to Mrs. Martha and Mr. Dwain for all their support and motivation. Bright Ideas competition definitely brought a positive change in me and now I am more confident in running a business and presenting in front of investors.

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