The Design Museum

It was a pleasure to visit The Design Museum. An interesting quote that the developers of the museum use is that design is a process carried out by the people for the people. It was a great experience to see the concept from three different perspectives – the Designers, the Makers and the Users. The way these three perspectives depend on each other and how the technology has an impact in our lives today was interesting and remarkable to see.

It was then that I realised how important design today is and how the users can influence the designers as to what has to be designed. Not just that, the designers also need to keep the makers in mind in order to achieve practicality and also the makers need to keep the designers visions in mind.

This makes me think how technology has evolved over the years and how design thinking today is the main factor to run any business successfully. The museum showcased different types of technologies and its stages of development over the years. I got to see the same for big companies like Apple, Sony and Samsung. The Design Museum is the best place to visit to see the innovation and the change in Design of technology over the years.

For all the technology lovers, this is the best place to visit to know how a basic device, be it a phone, headset or tape recorder, has evolved to an intricate and attractive design and yet solving the users’ needs.

While I was at the museum, admiring the thought put in to design these gadgets, I wondered how technology and Artificial Intelligence play a vital role in our lives today. I was amazed to see the change in the design and it made me think how it will be in the future knowing the fact that technology reduces human efforts and that it can also replace humans. Does it not scare you?

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