My passion guides; my pathway to achievements (part 2)

This encouraged me to further study Business to become a known global fashion entrepreneur in near future. In order to do so, I wanted to be exposed to international work culture. Without any hesitation I knew I wanted to gain master’s degree in London. Running a business is quite challenging which requires critical and logical thinking. The adrenaline rush of surpassing business targets has driven me to study and expand my knowledge in Entrepreneurship. Achieving a degree in Entrepreneurship in Kingston University and still be around a fashion environment portrayed a perfect blend of fashion and business. Without any regrets, I have realized that Kingston University has truly been a great choice as it is highlights both classroom and direct experiential learning.

Undoubtedly, I was overwhelmed when I received an acceptance letter from Kingston University as both excitement and nervousness gushed through my body. I was excited but scared to start an independent life in an entirely new country, miles away from my support system – my family. Holding my visa felt like dream come true with a pinch of reality. In a short span of time, I was able to finish shopping and prepare myself mentally. Funnily, I also had to prepare myself to live in snow as Mumbai’s, my home town’s winters are like London’s summers. Things were changing but my paradoxical behaviour was a constant. I was confident and excited to start a new life but had self-doubts on multiple occasions as I was entering college life after 4 gap years. Hence, my flight from Mumbai to Heathrow was a roller coaster ride of emotions and thoughts.

But I am proud of myself and so is my family to know that I did not give up and after the orientation week, after meeting professors and making few friends, I was mentally relaxed. Kingston University did a great job in making me feel welcomed. After overthinking for hours, I did not expect my start of the journey to be this smooth and exciting. I am immensely thankful to the people I have met here and have helped me to get accustomed to new place and culture. Every day I am pumped to move forward to fulfilling my dreams. Here I am, tackling the challenges and embracing the beautiful change simply to become a successful entrepreneur. I cannot wait to give back to the world what I am learning in classes right now, in the form of business advancement.

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