My passion guides; my pathway to achievements (part 1)

Art and design have always been my keen interests and strong talents. I have done a lot of photoshoots and was also offered to be in an advertisement. This initiated my journey in self-grooming and fashion. For me, fashion has been a non-verbal communication between an observer and the wearer. Fashion speaks of confidence and personality. It is an ever-expanding field where I want to contribute my best. But I soon realized that to be an independent fashion artist, I had to be a business-minded person as well. The realization kicked in when I ran a boutique store for almost 2 years. The responsibilities were a merge of business and fashion fields such as anticipate designs that appealed to clients but also interact and exceed clients’ expectations through entrepreneurial skills. Furthermore, I opened a bag store and owned a fashion embroidery workshop where I developed marketing strategies, management skills and leadership qualities. There were ups and downs with this hands-on learning experience of understanding the blend of business and fashion but eventually I became a well-known fashion entrepreneur in my vicinity and was also approached by other businessmen to start a joint business with them. One such example is opening a bake shop with another businesswoman. This business gave me experience in recruiting and training employees.

By opening up to new experiences, I gained practical knowledge of business (finance, marketing, networking are a few examples), enhanced my problem solving tactics and time management skills. After achieving good responses from clients and noticing self-growth, I realized my passion lies in becoming an entrepreneur as well so that in future I am able to blend fashion and business industries on a larger scale but also open up to new business experiences.


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