Dragon’s Den

Before leaving for Christmas holidays, we had an opportunity to present our business idea to the judges in our mock Dragon’s Den. Our group SKKT is designing a product FitMe!, which is an exercise game – an initiative to motivate people to work out more. We pitched our idea to the judges and got valuable feedback.

It was a five minutes pitch followed by Q and A with the judges which got over in a blink of an eye, but the time that went into the preparation was a lot and a played a part in increasing each student’s nervousness. We started with the preparation almost a week before and kept practicing as a team and individually, but it still was not enough. The anxiety kept on building.

However, my group discussed the feedbacks that we received and redesigned our product to solve the purpose to the best of our efforts. We received constructive feedback on the product name and design, IP processes and possible ways to enter the market. This was really helpful as we got to know more from a different perspective.

Moreover, it was really nice to see all the groups present their ideas as there was something to learn from each one. There were a few teams who didn’t have to refer to any notes and had good displays and a few who were confident about their product. It was impressive to see the efforts put in by all the teams.

Overall, this mock Dragon’s Den was really inspirational and helpful as I was able to find out the strengths and weaknesses in me and make sure to do better the next time. All in all it was a really great experience!


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